Jim Carrey Drops The Mask, Themes & Memes ep53

                                                           Jim Carrey fashion interview

Adam and Aaron weigh in on Jim Carrey's recent interviews which have baffled his fans the world over. Apparently there is no such thing as Jim Carrey at all. What might this mean? Has JC lost his mind, or is he onto something?

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topics include: identity, psychology, persona, Eastern religion, metaphysics, philosophy, Norm MacDonald, sexual alchemy, occult, Gnosticism, conspiracies, alternative research, truth, woke, E! network, Dionysus, world stage, masks, celebrity culture, prestige, creative freedom, artists, entertainment industry, performance art, manic depressive, depression, actors, feeling empty, fulfillment, ego, mainstream media, Hollywood small talk, cringe worthy, meditation, nothing is real, comedy, humor, epiphany, truth seeking, Andy Kaufman


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interview from Fashion Week - video

sexual alchemy talk with Norm MacDonald - video

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