Sex, Scandals, and The Future of Hollywood, Themes & Memes Ep52

                                                           Kevin Spacey scandal

On this episode we return for a casual discussion on the Hollywood Sex Scandal, looking at the prominent narratives and what they could mean for the future of Hollywood and Pop Culture. 

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We look at the issue from a number of different angles, highlighting the numerous ways in which this scandal is stoking outrage over questions of patriarchy, social justice and corruption, and the potential that exists for further polarisation and social breakdown. 

We also look at the symbolic ramifications that these revelations bring to light, particularly in relation to the betrayal of trust and the fall of iconic institutions. We also touch on questions of opportunism on all sides, from those making allegations to narcissistic media pundits who thrive on drama. 

Is this scandal further provoking a war of the sexes? Is patriarchal Hollywood being undermined to make way for a new epoch of open source entertainment? We discuss all of these questions and more. 

Topics discussed include: Hollywood, Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Media Narratives, Sensationalism, Patriarchy, Feminism, Social Justice, Hypocrisy, Victimhood, Systemic Corruption, Sex Slaves, Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, Bush, Clinton, Conspiracy Culture, Burden of Proof, Celebrity Bandwagon Jumping, Abuse, Social Tension, Bill C-16, Transgender Pronouns, Legal Equality vs Social Negotiation, Vulgarity in Comedy, Degradation of Standards, Loss of Innocence, Betrayal of Trust, Jimmy Saville, Bill Cosby, Hollywood on Trial, Lack of Original Ideas, Awful Comedies, Comic Movies, Wonder Woman, Elevation of Feminist Icons, Death of Old Institutions, Rise of New Media, Ideological Reactionaries, Age of Transitions, Age of Confusion. 


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