Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep51


We return with a highly esoteric discussion on Blade Runner 2049, the 2017 sequel to Ridley Scott's cult-classic from 1982. Despite not doing well at the Box Office, this film succeeds in artfully suggesting a number of stories within one, and like the first film, leaves the audience feeling they have witnessed something profound.  

Set in the titular year in dystopian Los Angeles, the film follows the replicant LAPD officer 'K' as he uncovers hidden evidence that replicants are capable of reproducing autonomously. After being ordered by his superiors to investigate and destroy the evidence, K is led to believe that he himself may be the offspring of a union between replicants, and so disobeys his orders in search of his origins. 

We start by summarising the plot and the story, before diving into the multi-layered elements of the film, looking at the heavy use of biblical motifs and creation mythologies in both the script and the subtext. As humanity has fallen from grace in foolishly pursuing godhood, the next epoch of creation is born, and so the film is replete with wordplay and symbolic motifs which elucidate these ideas. 

We discuss the film's focus on feminine imagery, especially following the many negative reviews given by feminist critics. We deconstruct the notion that the film is overtly sexist and gratuitous in its imagery, by pointing out the deeper symbolic significance in these motifs. The film is clearly critiquing the objectification of women whilst also elevating the goddess archetype and illustrating a wide spectrum of feminine principles. 

We also spend time talking about the various characters, in terms of what they represent and how they develop throughout the story. The ultimate journey of K in particular is heavily suggestive of Gnostic principles and ideas, though we also touch on the characters of LUV and JOI, who at various points reveal a higher truth or meaning to his journey into selfhood.

We touch on a myriad of other topics in this extended podcast, from Silicon Valley execs and the transhumanist demiurge Niander Wallace, to questions of humanity, to the artful cinematography and soundtrack of the film, plus much more. Please excuse the low audio quality. 

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Topics discussed include: Blade Runner, Los Angeles, Dystopia, Environmentalism, Synthetic Foods, Synthetic Society, Replicants, Artificial Intelligence, Original Film, Sequels, Artful production, Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, JOI, LUV, Niander Wallace, Wallace Corporation, Tyrell Corporation, LAPD, DNA, Regeneration, Reproduction, Miracles, Biblical Themes, Adam & Eve, Garden of Eden, Genesis, Creation, Gnosticism, Pyramids, Pharaohs, Godhood, Demigod, Demiurge, Light, Symbolism, Geometry, Water, Human Eye, Feminist Critiques, Goddess Archetypes, Sexuality, Objectification, Veneration, Slavery, Oppression, False God, Self Awareness, Las Vegas, Holograms, Earth Mother Archetype, Masculine vs Feminism, Search for Truth, Materialism, Transhumanism, Infertility, Revolution, Wordplay, Secret Societies, Sacrifice, Truth, Love vs Joy, Techniques of Cinema and Sound, Quality of film and music. 

Music by Hans Zimmer


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