Bonus Podcast 001, Captain America Civil War & Much More


The very first Bonus Podcast episode of Themes & Memes is a review of Captain America Civil War. The review strays from the movie as Adam and Aaron talk at length about media, current antagonist politics, and The Age of Transitions. 

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topics include: Captain America Civil War, bad movie year, shift in entertainment industry, Marvel, cinematic universe, TV and films converging, Disney, franchise films, Iron Man, Avengers,
Spider Man, comics, DoD Entertainment Liaison Offices, conspiracy themes, Hydra, current political climate, symbolism of Captain America character, individualism, John Birch Society, International Law, bureaucracy, global culture, Western Philosophy, political market trends, World War 2, archetypes, Charlottesville, Unite the Right, Antifa, Red Ice, Gavin McInnes, Vice, leaders bounce from pole to pole, flip flopping, Russian interference in American politics, spectator events, media convergence, The Age of Transitions, ash mobs, SJWs, mass distraction, media, unplugging, infotainment, confusion, Newt Gingrich


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