The Circle Movie Review, Themes and Memes Ep50


While widely panned, The Circle is a film that does a good job at presenting some very important ideas. Adam and Aaron talk about its commentary on corporate life, cults, sousveillance, and real life Silicon Valley tech giants. 

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topics include: extra unpublished podcast episode, The Circle, Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, novel, popular fiction, Silicon Valley, work life balance, young urban professional, See Change, transparent, sousveillance, social ideals, corporate cults, total surveillance, privacy, secrets are lies, marketing, exploitation, critique of yuppie lifestyle, social climbing, networking, branding, lifestyle marketing, work campus, brand loyalty, technology as revolutionary change agent, Mercer, critics of technology, SJWs, no escape, Soul Search, car crash, press conferences, political aspirations of tech companies, simplified portrayals of politics, terrible casting, few bad apples motif, brainwashing, separation from family, self driving cars, terror attacks


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