Podcast Update, Themes & Memes Ep49

After an extended hiatus, we return to give an update on the podcast; talking about what has been going on behind the scenes, and giving listeners a glimpse of what to expect from future shows. 

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We start out by discussing changes and distractions in our personal lives, before mentioning some of the films and TV shows that have caught our attention recently, including the 2006 B-Movie Southland Tales and the 2017 Tech-Thriller The Circle. We also touch on the apparent lack of worthwhile films coming out at the Box Office; looking at whether digital streaming services have now superseded the cinema, and whether on-demand serials are outperforming Hollywood films. 

From there, we continue looking at random oddities from the world of entertainment and media, such as the enigmatic David Lynch, Transcendental Meditation, the recent Oscar Awards blunder, and the various methods that those in Hollywood will employ to create publicity. We touch on the viral success of certain TV shows, and how a changing industry is changing popular notions of entertainment. 

We finish up by returning to the world of Alt-Media and conspiracy culture, once again noting the incredulous turn toward reactionary right-wing populism that has been taken as of late. We note how the founding narratives and principals of Alternative Media have been all but discarded, as it competes for attention at any cost through controversy and vacuous drama. We touch on a few examples and lament the failure of the Alt-Media to be alternative. 

Topics discussed include: Update, Moving, Germany, California, Hiatus, Films, 'Southland Tales', MTV, Bush Administration, Neo-Cons, Hollywood, Media, Politics, Celebrity Culture, Extremism, Reality TV, Trump, Identity Politics, TV Series, Netflix, Amazon, Box Office, Black Mirror, American Gods, 'The Circle', Time Constraints, Marvel, Avengers, David Lynch, Profound Films, Transcendental Meditation, Cults, Mystical Ideas, Darkness, Mystique, Publicity Stunts, Lack of Good Films, 2017 Oscars, 'LA LA Land', 'Moonlight', Vapid Entertainment, Laurel Canyon, Youtube Celebrities, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, High Ratings, Chobani Lawsuit, George Soros, Mainstream Profile, Alternative Narratives, Terrorism, Security State, James Comey, Russia, Scandal, Insanity of Media, Left-Right Politics, Future of Podcast, Taking the High Road. .


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