Network Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep45


Another conspiracy classic movie review comes to the Themes and Memes podcast. Network has been quoted endlessly throughout conspiracy culture, and with good reason. This review fits right into the past few podcast episodes which have focussed on television news, and mass media in general. 

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Topics discussed include: antiestablishment film, conspiracy, nightly news, Howard Beale, sensationalism, exploitation, media, radical political movements, dehumanization, too much dialogue, truth, similarities to Nightcrawler, decor, lighting, speeches, commerce, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, religious awakenings, waking up the same as being born again, religion, dogma, integrity, medium effects the messenger, mass appeal, Alex, Jones, stages of awakening, inciting anger in audience, mad as hell, grief, boredom, YouTube, internet media platforms, target marketing, Sir Anthony Hopkins, cinema in decline, novelty


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