The Alt-Right Trumps the Establishment, Themes & Memes Ep43


We continue discussing the 2016 US Presidential Election, reviewing the landslide victory by Donald Trump and what this astonishing development means for both mainstream and alternative culture. 

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We start by looking at the question of how this happened. From the FBI to Wikileaks to a bizarre revelation about occult rituals at the 11th hour; Clinton's campaign was dogged by scandal and controversy that vindicated Trump's anti-establishment platform on the final mile. And did the Democratic establishment further provoke the upset by publicly denigrating Trump supporters and brashly claiming victory before the polls had even opened? 

As the dust settles, we question as to whether this populist uprising at the ballot box was the intended result of a targeted leaks campaign by hidden forces. From the Oxford Dictionary: "Trump: A valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage."

We discuss the mainstreaming of anti-establishment narratives in the lead up to the election, along with the future of alternative media in light of this event. Will platforms like Infowars depose the mainstream Neo-Con media, and will they cheerlead for Trump or hold him to his promises? The recent outreach of the Alt-Media into populist causes and the Trump campaign could not have been more opportune, as the outsiders now stand to become insiders.

We also discuss the obvious divisions that this election has created between the left and the right, with angry Marxist youth running riot while being mocked by cocky Trump supporters. Is the establishment's prediction of a Neo-Marxist uprising finally coming to fruition, and has this growing demographic been given a real reason to up the ante? 

Topics discussed include: Election, 2016, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Democrat, Republican, Landslide, Politics, Milestones, CNN, New York Times, Polls, Ballot Box, Satisfaction, Mainstream Media, Symbolic Language, Tarot Card, Rigged, DNC, Wikileaks, Anonymous, FBI, Spirit Cooking, John Podesta, Occult Rituals, Revelation of The Method, Alt-Right, Basket of Deplorables, Infowars, Red Ice, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Fox News, Racism, Liberals, SJW's, College Campuses, Marxists, Conspiracy, Anti-Establishment, Populist Uprising, Provocation, Attention Seeking, Targeted Leaks Campaign, Throwing the Fight, Strategic Trends, Extremist Narratives, Conflict, Tough Talk, BLM, Outsiders become Insiders, Stagecraft, Theatrics, Branding, Marketing, Products, Pop Culture, Arts, Elections as PSYOPS, Emotion, Reality TV, Celebrity Culture, Ronald Reagan, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, Future Elections. 


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