Truth or Trump? Themes & Memes Ep42


On this special episode, we deconstruct the 2016 US Presidential Race between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, focusing on the social phenomenon of broad-based Trump support within alternative and conservative demographics. 

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Rather than a partisan assessment of the candidates themselves, we look at Pro-Trump sentiment in the Alt-Media as a result of social disintegration in the wider ‘Truth Movement’, where the failed ambition of 9/11 Truth and Anti-Establishment groups has given birth to the rise of the ‘Alt-Right’ and White-Identity Politics. 

We discuss the study of popular narratives and internet memes by the DoD, looking at how opinion and culture can be analysed and influenced, and how the psychological principals of propaganda are so easily utilised in the information age. Given the new set of cultural narratives that are rising to prominence, we explore the morphing of traditional 'conspiracy culture' into right-wing ideology, looking at the motives and ambitions of those who are leading the charge.

Is the 2016 election a piece of scripted drama for the masses? Has it been designed to absorb the 'Truth Movement' and lead it down the primrose path towards destruction? Is Donald Trump sincere in is bid for the Oval Office, or is he simply appointing himself as the vanguard of a reactionary uprising against the liberal establishment?

Topics Discussed include: Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Election, 2016, Memes, Narratives, Culture, Debates, Alternative Media, Truth Movement, Alt-Right, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Red Ice, Conspiracy, Left Wing, Globalism, Liberal, Rigged Election, Corruption, Trump-TV, Propaganda, David Icke, Democrat, Republican, Obama, Jacques Ellul, PSYOP, Fascism, Opportunism, 9/11 Truth, Victimhood, Flat Earth, Nazi's, 2012, NWO, Elite, Establishment, Zeitgeist, Religion, Political Correctness, Paul Joseph Watson, Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, Joe Rogan, Vikings, White Identity Politics, Immigration, Police State, Martial Law, Terrorism, DARPA, SMISC, Narrative Networks, MIC, Internet, Cherrypicking, Nightcrawler, CIA, FBI, Karl Rove. 


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