NOW YOU SEE ME 2 Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep40


On this installment, we return to one of our very first reviews by looking at its 2016 sequel Now You See Me 2, directed by John M. Chu. j.

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The film picks up a year after the Four Horsemen's introduction to the world, where they lay in hiding and await further instruction from 'The Eye'; the mysterious secret society they had previously been inducted into. After finally being prompted to orchestrate another public spectacle, the show is hijacked by a hacker who exposes the Horsemen and blackmails them into stealing a secret surveillance device. But as the Horsemen work to turn the tables on their new adversary, the intrigue and subterfuge builds toward a grand revelation that changes everything.  

We discuss the sequel in comparison to the first film, reiterating the storyline and common threads relating to secret societies and the mystery school tradition. We look at the arts of stagecraft and sleight of hand, and how these tools are used to create mystery and spectacle in the real world. The Four Horsemen clearly personify the mass media complex, where sensationalism and trivial revelation are used to distract the audience from something else. 

We look at the multi-layered understandings within the story, and how both the Horsemen and the audience are taken through a ritual process of role-play, revelation, and initiation; whilst the greater truth remains obscured in darkness. We also touch on concepts like surveillance and secret societies, questioning as to what message the film is trying to send about these two controversial topics. 

Given that the film was clearly created by a group of initiates, what perception do they want us to have about secret societies and their role in society?

Topics discussed include: Magic, Mystery, Heist, Illusion, Deception, Secret Society, Symbolism, The Eye, Four Horsemen, Apocalypse, Revelation, Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Surveillance, Social Media, Sleight of Hand, Alchemy, Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Caine, Tarot, The Fool, Houdini, Rhodes, Atlas, Stagecraft, Initiation, Celebrity, Uri Geller, Cold War, CIA, Mi6, Paranormal, Counterintelligence, Attention, Logic, Suggestion, Publicity, Multi-Layered Understandings, Perception, Ego, Fame, Role-Play, Freemasonry, Disney, National Treasure, Benevolence, Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin, Symbolic Language. 


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