The Wicker Man & The Strategy of Tension Part 2, Themes & Memes Ep35

We return to the film 'The Wicker Man', looking at themes of manipulation, ritual drama, and staged provocation, before transposing these concepts onto the current metapolitical climate as we see it.

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We explore the idea of 'the willing fool' archetype being incited by 'crisis actors' to role-play in dramatic and provocative theatre, from 'terror attacks' to reactionary meme wars; looking at how this alchemical concept of the meta-theatre is being used to advance a strategy of tension. We also look at the conflict between the left and right archetypes in sociopolitical trends, and how different demographics are being lured into base, suicidal ideologies by theatric provocations, ultimately accepting martyrdom.

Finally, we discuss the esoteric aspects of dialectical conflict, and how secret societies like Freemasonry have always used opposing forces to induce tension and create change, touching on concepts of staged terror events, political antagonism, and social malaise.

Topics discussed include: The Wicker Man, Manipulation, Provocation, Terror Attacks, Political Conflict, Dallas Shooting, France Event, Overstimulation, Social Tension, Crisis Actors, 'The Willing Fool', The Clown, Propaganda, Mass Confusion, Conspiracy Culture, Extremism, Alt-Right, Left vs Right, Justice, Religion, Right Wing, Sacrifice, Radicalisation, Reactionary Rhetoric, Strategy of Tension, Racism, Leftism, Popular Attitudes, LGBT, Debates, Triggers, Ritual Dramas, Archetypes, Role Play, Political Demographics, Martyrdom, Alchemy, Meta-Theatre, Operation Gladio, P2 Lodge, Creative Destruction, Dialectics, Secret Societies, Freemasonry, Square & Compass, Opposing Forces, Regeneration, Controlling Narratives, CIA, Political Candidates, Occult Process, Masks, Possession, Anonymous, Crowd Psychology, Global Meta-Theatre, Playing The Fool, The Wicker Man Afterthoughts, Unworthy Sacrifice. 


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The Wicker Man, by Iron Maiden