The Wicker Man Movie Review Part 1, Themes & Memes Ep34

On this episode, we continue looking at themes of occult ritual and esoteric psychodrama via the 1973 mystery/horror film 'The Wicker Man'. Another 'conspiracy-classic', the film follows a Scottish Highlands Police Officer who travels to a remote island community after being tipped off about a missing schoolgirl. After encountering the Heathen rites and traditions of the townsfolk, he eventually deduces that a ritual sacrifice to the Pagan gods is being planned, thus inciting him to infiltrate the ceremony.

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We discuss the arcane arts of manipulation and subterfuge, the 'Willing Fool' archetype, and the myopic misunderstandings of the Christian initiate as he wills himself to martyrdom. We also take a look at the dichotomy of psychological principals that are played out through the clash between Paganism and Christianity, and touch on the possibility of a higher Masonic conspiracy on both sides of the religious divide.

Be sure to join us on our next review, as we draw parallels between 'The Wicker Man' and the current sociopolitical climate, where crisis actors and 'willing fools' are fuelling the strategy of tension. 

Topics discussed include: 'The Wicker Man', Robin Hardy, Synchronicity, Scotland, Scottish Highlands, Hebridean Islands, Summerisle, Christian Police Officer, Pagan Community, All-Seeing-Eye Symbolism, 'The Green Man' Inn, The Bartender's Daughter, Willow, Sex Magick, Regenerative Rituals, Fertility, Shock and Offence, Maypole, Mayday, Phallic Symbolism, Folk Music, Deception, Manipulation, 'The Willing Fool', Tarot Archetypes, Religious Conflict, Psychological Interpretations, Ego, Force vs Understanding, Masculinity vs Femininity, Monogamy vs Polygamy, Techniques of Subterfuge, Sexual Energies, Temptation, Seduction, Lord Summerisle, Wordplay, Masonic Undertones, Kilts, Aprons, Gloves, Swords, Religion as Social Control, 'Punch, The Fool', Ritual Sacrifice, Pagan Ritual, Hermaphrodite, Hobby Horse, Fish, Myopic Attitudes, 'Willing, Virgin, King-Like Fool' archetype, Irony, Christian Morality vs Pagan Morality, Wicca, Martyrdom, 'King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime', Patriarchy vs Matriarchy, Hexagonal Sword Ceremony, Passing Through the Gate, Masonic Ritual, Star of David, Opposing Principals, Seal of Solomon, Understanding of Religion, The Crown, Wider Conspiracy, Playing Roles, Ritual Drama, Provocation, Sacrificial Magick, Similarities between Religions. 


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