Eyes Wide Shut Movie Review Part 2, Themes & Memes Ep33

As promised, we return in our 33rd episode to look further at the deeper meanings of Stanley Kubrick's conspiratorial magnum opus 'Eyes Wide Shut'. We discuss the esoteric initiation of Dr Bill Harford into the world of hidden forces that shape his reality, and his ignorance of the occult principals that are guiding his journey. Delving deeper into the artful deception of the mystery tradition, we examine how both protagonist and audience are willingly fooled into a base interpretation of esoteric truth, and how these themes of occult signalling are incorporated into Kubrick's other works. Finally, we look at the untimely death of Kubrick shortly after the film was shot, touching on questions of intrigue surrounding these events. 

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Topics discussed include: Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick's Filmography, Running Themes, Complexity of Material, Attention to Detail, Layers of Relevance, Dr Bill Harford, Tom Cruise, Alice Harford, Nicole Kidman, Marital Problems, Argument, Jealousy, Affairs, Flirtation, Propositions, Provocations, Triggering Impulses, Prostitute 'Domino', Moral and Social Hypocrisy, Denial of Temptation, Social Masks, The Willing Fool, Double Meaning, Egotistical Ignorance vs Philosophical Ignorance, Esoteric Traditions, Mystery Schools, Deception, Psychological Control, NLP, Sexual Tension, Sexual Liberation, False Dialectics, Higher Truths, Deeper Meaning, Gnosticism, 'Dr Strangelove', 'The Shining', '2001 A Space Odyssey', Hidden Messages, Water Fluoridation, Base Understandings, Exoteric vs Esoteric, Supernatural Possession, Cremation of Care, Seeing Everything and Understanding Nothing, 'Domino'='Sandy'=Alter-Ego, Professionalism, Politeness, Gentleman, Scientology, Esoteric Casting of Tom Cruise, Dr Bill=William=Will-I-Am, Hierarchy of Names, Temporal Power and Control, Stanley Kubrick Death, Conspiracy Culture, Alex Jones, Philosophical Death, Purposeful Evocation of Mystery. 


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