Eyes Wide Shut Movie Review Part 1, Themes & Memes Ep32

In our 32nd episode of Themes & Memes, we take a look at the conspiracy-cult-classic 'Eyes Wide Shut', by Stanley Kubrick. Neither the high praise or ongoing deconstruction of this film within conspiracy culture are unwarranted, as the film blends edgy social critique with a highly esoteric storyline; using sexual tension to reveal the existence of a powerful and arcane secret order. We start by outlining the exoteric journey of protagonist Dr Bill Harford, before discussing the esoteric initiation that both him and the willing audience are manoeuvred through via symbolism and suggestion. Be sure to stay tuned, as in our next episode we continue our analysis of both the film and its director; looking at occult philosophy and ritual with eyes wide open.  

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Topics discussed include: Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick, Significance in Conspiracy Culture, Attention to Detail, Multiple Layers of Meaning, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, New York Elite, Flirtation, Marital Problems, Affairs, Fantasy, Masks, Somerton Elite Mansion, Paganism, Wicca, Occult Rituals, Sex Magick, Naked Supermodels!, Magic Circle, Ritual Drama, Dream States, High Society, Social Critique, Wannabe Culture, Lack of Sophistication, Western Religion, Traditionalism vs Sexual Liberalism, Heathenism, Human Condition, Monogamy, Sexual Tension, NLP, Suggestion, Inciting Conflict, Provocation, Masonic Symbolism, Yachin & Boaz, Solomon's Temple, Goddess Disrobing, The Willing Fool, Initiatory Ritual, Eyes Wide Shut=In The Dark, Esoteric Process, Revelation of The Method, Black & White, Dark & Light, Male & Female, Masonic Chessboard, Opposing Principals, Set Design, Lighting, Rothschild Party, Free Will, Exoteric vs Esoteric Storylines, Lack of Understanding, Celebrity Culture, Voyeurism, Titillation, Moral Judgement, Hypocrisy of The Audience, Mind Control, Connection to Regenerative Impulses, Initiation into Occult Philosophy & Culture, Eyes Wide Open. 


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