Money Monster Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep31

On this episode, we return to the theme of financial corruption and public indignation via the 2016 siege-drama; 'Money Monster'. Directed by Jodie Foster and starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts; the film follows a financial-affairs based TV crew on Wall Street as a disgruntled investor storms the set and holds them hostage on live TV. Angry and demanding answers over the disingenuous financial advice he has been given, we examine the increasingly predominant themes of anti-Wall St sentiment, popular indignation toward the system, and the theatre of reactionary politics around socioeconomic issues. We also look at the Hollywood A-Listers involved in the film, the symbolic illustration of esoteric concepts, and the broader social messages in relation to justice and moral victory. 

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Topics discussed include: 'Money Monster', Wall Street, 'Mad Money', Jim Kramer, Goldman Sachs, Ridiculous Cable Shows, Stockmarkets, Fraud, Fiat Currency, Software Glitch, Narrow AI Algorithms, Speed Trading, 'Assault on Wall St', Jodie Foster's History with John Hinckley Junior, Mark David Chapman, Catcher in The Rye, Gun Control, MK-ULTRA, Corruption and Theft in Finance, Rebellion, Indignation, Disenfranchised Everyman, Lack of Journalism, Public Relations, Conflict of Interest, Media Incitement, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, United Nations Messenger of Peace, Council on Foreign Relations, The Sentry Foundation, Philanthropy, Diplomacy, Charities, Clooney Links to CIA, Clooney Being Groomed for Politics, Lee Gates Character, Masonic Coding, 'Money Monster=MM=Master Mason', Sentry=Gatekeeper, Gates to Solomon's Temple, Gatekeeper of The Wealthy, Hundred Dollar Bill, Benjamin Franklin, All Seeing Eye Symbolism, IBIS=Sacred Animal of Knowledge, Bank of International Settlements, ISIS=Public Enemy No.1, Public Outrage, Antagonism, Hypocrisy, Sensationalistic Media, Moral Relativity, Lack of Decisive Victory, 'The Wolf of Wall St', 'The Big Short', Lack of Moral Resolution in Films, U.S Political Divide, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Anti-Establishment Rhetoric, Blending of Reality & Fiction, Strategy of Tension, Orlando Shooting, Frequency of Crises, Despair, Confusion, Masculine 'Right Path' and Feminine 'Left Path' Archetypes, Conflict of Inner Duality, Climate of Anger and Provocation.


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