Creative Control Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep30

On this instalment of Themes & Memes, we return to the subject of converging technologies via the 2015 indie film 'Creative Control'. Directed by Benjamin Dickinson and distributed by Amazon Films, the film casts Dickinson himself as 'David', a hip, NYC based advertising executive tasked with marketing 'Augmenta' glasses; the latest in augmented reality technology. After being given a pair to test out, we follow David's descent into the hedonism of the NYC Hipster scene, as he pursues an affair and drifts further into distractions and escapism. 

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Topics Discussed Include: Creative Control, Google Glasses, Augmented Reality, Amazon Films, Benjamin Dickinson, Gavin McInnes, Advertising, Music Videos, NYC, 'Augmenta', Autobiographical Story, Hipster Lifestyle, Yoga, New Age, Relationship Dynamics, Sexual Appetites, Affairs, Infidelity, Occult Principles, Promiscuity, Reality Vs Fantasy, Guilty Pleasures, 'Sexting', Distractions, Pandering to Base Desires, Present Moment Awareness, Advertising, Philosophy of Marketing, Lack of Focus, Younger Generation, ADHD, Escapism, Virtual World, Marketing of Converging Technologies, Tailor Made for Hipsters, Devotion to Fashion & Trends, Inability to Escape the System. 


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