Steve Jobs movie review, Themes & Memes Ep27

On this episode; we look back at the life and legacy of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, via the 2015 biopic of the same name. The film constitutes three major acts, each focusing on a major product release through 1984-1997. In addition to being given a backstage look at the personal computing revolution, we are also familiarised with the character himself. With his unique background and unrelenting personality; we examine how Jobs' drive and ambition helped shape the information age, and the things he sacrificed in doing so. 

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Topics discussed include: Apple, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, NeXT, Pixar, Multiple Biopic Dramas, Mythology, Disney, Entertainment, Zen Buddhism, Eastern Mysticism, New Age, Entrepreneurship, Personal Conflict, Ambition, California, Hippies, Counterculture, Laurel Canyon, Silicon Valley, 'Daz Netz, The Unabomber, Personal Computers, Revolution, LSD, Veganism, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Occultism, Forbidden Fruit, Symbolism, Social Change, Aspen Institute, Esalen Institute, Terrance McKenna, Evolution of Consciousness, Arthur C. Clarke, The Great Work, Personal Life, Daughter, Shortcomings, Narcissism, Ego, Steve Jobs death Conspiracy Theory, Cult of Apple, Iconoclasm, Brand Loyalty, The Cloud, Impact on Technology, Personal Apple Products.


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