The Big Short movie review, Themes and Memes ep26

On this episode, we cover the 2015 Biographical Comedy/Drama 'The Big Short'. The film chronicles the lives and experiences of several key stock traders on Wall Street during the 2008 financial crash. Like numerous other films and documentaries on this particular subject; the film provides audiences with a humorous and hallowing insight into 'Wall St culture' and the events leading up to the crash, whilst inciting a strong sense of outrage and indignation over the injustices perpetrated upon the general public - both then and now. 

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Topics discussed include: Academy Awards, Promotion, True Story, Biopic Drama, Ensemble Cast, Big Banks, Corruption, Rogue Traders, Outsiders, 2008 Wall St Crash, Housing Bubble, Subprime Loans, CDO's, Financial Products, Comic Relief, Documentary Techniques, Narrative Films, Blend of Fact and Fiction, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell, Christian Bale, Vacuous Nature of Western Culture, Economics, Taking Advantage of Stupidity, Wilful Ignorance, Las Vegas, Gambling, New York, Casinos, Vice, Indulgence, Greed, Confusing the Audience, Appealing to Materialism, Envy, Inciting Indignation, Sensationalism, Hedonism, Omission of Truths, Referencing Conspiracy Culture, Brad Pitt, Conspiracy Theorist, NSA, Monsanto, Patriot Culture, Getting Revenge, Provoking Outrage, Multiple Layers.


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