The Doors movie review, Themes and Memes ep25


The Doors film from 1991 is a very important one. Here, Adam and Aaron point out its significance as they give the movie another look decades after its release.

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topics include: biopics, Jim Morrison, Oliver Stone, 1960s, generations, culture creation, Dave McGowan, Laurel Canyon, military intelligence, self destructive behavior, biographies, occult, ceremony, stage, theater, Dionysus, Dionysian Cult, God of the Vine, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, shaman, solar god, drugs, acid, Kurt Cobain, Ray Manzarek, change, making the myths, Aldous Huxley, Doors of Perception, William Blake, blood ritual, witch, Whisky A Go Go, Sunset Strip, cults, Los Angeles, Transcendental Meditation, Hollywood, Charles Manson, murder, JFK film, conspiracy theory, counterculture, Navy, Gulf of Tonkin, healer, spirituality, Wayne’s World 2, Hippies, Haight Ashbury, extreme stage antics, music industry, pushing boundaries, Woodstock, Elvis Presley, cultural icons, god of rock, immortality, fake hero, tortured artist, conflict


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