Random Musings, Themes and Memes ep21

Due to both technical problems and logistical delays in publishing our 21st episode; we gave up on trying to review a film, and simply recorded a spontaneous, off the cuff discussion on a variety of subjects. We kick things off by giving listeners the inside scoop on what's been going on behind the scenes, before moving into some general back on forth on social issues, cultural trends, and life in general. 

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We'd also like to apologise to our audience for the lack of output recently, as this impromptu recording represents the first episode we've published since June. Rest assured though, we will be back soon with more film-review podcasts, and we also have other forms of content in the works right now too - so stay tuned. 

Topics discussed include: Technology, Los Angeles, California, Hollywood, Frank Capra, 'Meet John Doe' (film), Public Service, Freemasonry, Solar-Symbolism, Georgia Guidestones, Virtue, the 'Truth Movement', State of Decay and Confusion, Rise in Destructive Beliefs, Alex Jones, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, Authorised Leaders, Big Business Connections, Cross-Cultural Themes, Commerce, Making Compromises, Dave Chapelle, Integrity, 'The Chapelle Theory', Truth vs Personal Interests, Cults, Propaganda, Public Relations, David Lynch, TM, Manufactured Superstars, Appealing to Newcomers, Creating Allegiance, Culture Creation, The Pace of Life, Human Values vs Transhuman Values, The Economic System, New Technologies, Technocratic Philosophy, Ubiquity of Converging Technologies in Film, Social Impacts of the Media, Mens Rights vs Feminism, Radical Ideologies, Gender-Based Conflict, Changing Attitudes towards Gender and Sex, Extreme Sexual Liberalism, Damage to Children, Problems with Extreme Liberal Ideology, Commercialised Culture, Commodification of Ideas, Marketing of Cults, General Discussion, Personal Lives, Future of Themes & Memes.  

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