Chappie movie review, Themes and Memes ep19

In this instalment of Themes & Memes; Aaron and Adam continue to focus on the wave of Robot, Android, and A.I themed films that have been flooding the Box Office for the past few months - in analyzing the film 2015 'Chappie', by Neill Blomkamp. Colourful, vibrant, and entertaining; the film juxtaposes humour, innocence, and virtue, with darkness, sadism, and depravity - where a Military-Industrial Robot is given the gift of consciousness, and must battle with the influences of all those who have a stake in his existence.

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Topics discussed include: A.I Artificial Intelligence, Neill Blomkamp, Dystopian Future, Die Antwoord (band), Ninja, Yolandi Visser, Gangs, Sentience, Consciousness, Innocence, Virtue, Emotional Intelligence vs Logical Intelligence, Military-Industrial Mindset, Psychopathy, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Sadism, Mind Control, Human-Machine Bonding, Ritual Abuse, Transhumanism, Mortality vs Immortality, Creation overcoming Creator, Technological Transcendence, Religion vs Science, Evolution, False Flag Events, Robocop, The Machine, District-9, Elysium, Cross Cultural Promotion and Marketing of Transhuman themes.


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