The Cult of Celebrity Worship, Themes and Memes ep18

In this bonus installment of Themes & Memes, Aaron and Adam embark on a spontaneous, informal chat about Hollywood, the cult of celebrity, and the psychodynamics of celebrity worship.

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Topics discussed include; Cult of Personality, Celebrity Neurosis and Breakdown, Suicide, The '27 Club', Life as a Stage, Theatrics, Public Relations, Identity Crisis, Public Obsession with the Character, Marketing of Popular Causes, Shia Labeouf, Fast & Furious, Alpha Males, Female Celebrity Obsession, Tom Cruise, Action Heroes, Living the Persona, Buying the Image, Kevin Costner, Manufactured Personas, Suspension of Disbelief, 'Starsuckers' Documentary, Tabloidism, Kim Kardashian, Psychology of Actors & Celebrities. 


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