Jupiter Ascending movie review, Themes and Memes ep16

Adam and Aaron review the new film by the Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending. A very odd film that has been panned by audiences and critics alike, there are at least some interesting concepts to be found. Secret Societies and their views on royalty, mythology, and astrology feature prominent among these concepts. 

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topics include: occult, Mystery School, astrology, mythology, genres, secret societies, Gnosticism, new age fringe, bloodlines, ancient aliens, aristocracy, genetics, life extension, Cinderella, virtue, vice, Jupiter, reincarnation, harvest, royal families, Abrasax, Abraxas, Father God, Greek Mythology, Zeus, Titus, feminist cult film, temporal power, eugenics, Social Darwinism, Hermes, male and female, art, architecture, 3D films, overwhelming the senses, confusion, altered states of consciousness, agenda-driven filmmaking, special effects, critical thought


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